Photography has always been an interest of mine and it wasn’t until 2010 that I took it more seriously. I started to develop a passion after seeing the work of professional photographers and photo enthusiasts. I started out shooting landscapes and quickly branched out into many other areas such as events, macro, night, and portraits. After reading Scott Kelby’s books, The Digital Photography Book, I grabbed my camera, practiced what I had read, and found myself loving the results.

I started taking photography classes as a hobby in summer 2010 at Antelope Valley College. At that time, I was finishing up an associate’s degree in computer applications. After receiving my associate’s degree in computer applications, I started pursuing certificate programs in digital media arts.

By fall 2011, I took an interest in page layout. Over that Christmas break, I taught myself how to use Adobe InDesign. A couple months later, I got involved with the Antelope Valley School (AVC) Examiner newspaper, created a Layout Editor position, and used what I had just learned to oversee the design. I was also the Photo Editor and oversaw a small group of photographers. By the end of the semester, I had received several awards for page layout and photography from the Journalism Association of Community Colleges (JACC) Conference and our newspaper received several other awards, including the general excellence award.

Recently, I’ve been expanding my knowledge in web design and programming. In summer 2013, I took my first web design class to get a better understanding of HTML and CSS. You can watch a short video of my midterm project here or visit a demo of my final project here. In fall 2013, I took another class where I worked with a team and learned the basics of PHP, JavaScript, and content management systems (CMS). View our final project here.

Early 2014, I started volunteering at Lancaster Baptist Church, working with graphics, print, photography, and web. Additionally, I worked on optimizing internal workflow systems by improving how digital assets are handled. In April, I was hired to oversee site content and UI design, while still involved in a multiple number of areas. I count it a great privilege to be working in this team environment and thank God I’m able to use my gifts for His glory!

If I can do anything for you, shoot me an email. Thanks for reading!


Adobe Applications

  • Photoshop 80%
  • Illustrator 60%
  • InDesign 75%
  • Dreamweaver 50%
  • Lightroom 90%
  • After Effects 45%
  • Premiere Pro 55%


  • HTML 70%
  • CSS 75%
  • JavaScript 30%
  • PHP 40%
  • Visual Basic 55%

Microsoft Applications

  • Word 90%
  • Excel 80%
  • PowerPoint 75%
  • Access 55%
  • Outlook 60%
  • Visual Studio 50%

Operating Systems

  • Mac OSX 75%
  • Server 2003 60%
  • Windows XP 80%
  • Windows Vista 80%
  • Windows 7 85%
  • Windows 8 75%

Content Management Systems

  • WordPress 70%
  • Drupal 85%